Why Wait? Consequences

10 Reasons to Wait for Sex

  1. With abstinence there is no risk for STD transmission.  Birth control cannot prevent the spread of STDs and condoms are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy or disease.  When you abstain from all genital contact there is no risk.
  2. There is no risk for pregnancy with abstinence.  No form of birth control is 100% effective other than abstinence.
  3. Individuals that choose abstinence have a much lower divorce rate that those that have had premarital sex.
  4. Waiting frees you of regret and guilt . You will not have to take a past into your marital bed.
  5. It lowers your risk of suicidal thoughts and actions.
  6. You don't feel locked into a relationship because you have shared yourself in an intimate way.
  7. Couples who choose abstinence have more successful dating relationships than those who have sex.
  8. When you save sex for marriage, your partner cannot just walk out when testing comes.  There is protection in that commitment.
  9. What you expect and see now in your relationship will continue in the future.  You will want a marriage built on respect, patience, and love that doesnt' put you at risk.  If you allow yourself to be used and abused now, that will continue into the future.  Demand the best!
  10. Most importantly, you need to protect your heart.  You are a special, valuable person and it is important to treat yourself as such!