UltrasoundWhat is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a device that uses sound waves to see structures within the body.  An obstetric ultrasound is able to visualize the uterus and the growing embryo or feturs . Ultrasounds can be performed to confirm a pregnancy, determine how far along the pregnancy is (and then determine a due date), detect a fetal heartbeat, or determine the location of a pregnancy (in the uterus or ectopic), as well as examing body structures, fluid and placenta.

When is an ultrasound done?

Ultrasound exams can be done at any time in pregnancy.  At Planning Life you may receive a limited obstetric ultrasound at the time of your first visit or it may be scheduled at a later date.

Who performs the ultrasounds?

At Planning Life, ultrasound exams are performed by nurses or techs who are trained in limited Ob ultrasounds.  All ultrasounds are reviewed by an obstetrician.  These ultrasounds are limited and are not intended to diagnose abnormalities or problems.

What preparation is needed for an ultrasound?

No special preparation is needed for an ultrasound exam.  Wear a loose fitting two-piece outfit to be comfortable.