Things to Consider

Abortion is a medical procedure and as with any medical procedure you need to make decisions about that procedure based on the best information.  With the emotionas and stress of an unplanned pregnancy, how can you be sure you are getting all the information you need about every option available to you? How do you find the right people/place to address your needs and concerns?

How far along am I in my pregnancy?  What does it look like? It can be confusing when some will say you have a "child" or a "baby" and others will say it is a "mass of tissue" or "products of conception."  Make sure the information about your pregnancy is not withheld from you.  Ask to see the ultrasound showing how far along you are.  You should also receive information on the development of your embryo or fetus.

What are the advantages of keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption? Be sure the counselors/providers have your best interests in mind by providing helpful and fair information about all of your options.

What are the physical risks of an abortion? Any doctor/surgeon/health care provider performaing a procedure must explain the potential health risks of that procedure (such as infection, bleeding, anesthetic problems, and other complications both during or after the procedure, including emotional consequences).  Be sure you are provided this information in detail and in writing.  Never sign a statement promising not to hold the provider responsible for any complications.

Who will perform the procedure?  Is he/she board certified? Abortions are not always performed by Ob/gyn specialists - or even doctors.  Don't settle for anyone other than a residency trained, certified, licensed obstetrician/gynecologist to provide the most specialized care.

If there are complications, does the provicer have privileges at a hospital close by? Be sure the providers are prepared to send you to a hospital if there is in an emergency.  Make sure that doctor will continue your care or communicate well with the doctor that will provide the emergency care.

Are there many procedures performed in one day? Some facilities see a lot of women in one day and may rush you through without giving you the individual attention that you deserve as a person and as a paying customer.  Refuse to be treated like a commodity.

Will I have time to make a decision? Choosing abortion is a big decision.  Beware of clinics that rush you into an "impulse buy."  You should be respected for making an informed choice.

No one has the legal right to make you have an abortion, regardless of your age, marital status, or any other factor.  If someone is trying to force you to hvae an abortion against your will, contact us for advise.

If you are considering abortion and want to discuss your options, please contact us anytime at (605) 274-1558.